Can I read the Kindle version (ebook) on my Android phone, iPhone or iPad?

Of course. Just download the Kindle app from the App Store here or from the Google Play Store here. Log in with your Amazon account and download the ebook.

I’m not a technical person, will I understand the book?

Yes! The goal of the first part of the book is to introduce you to basic concepts of the Web. You don’t need to have a technical background. The chapters will highlight and explain things you are already using everyday on your computer and phone.

I already know how the Web works, what can I benefit from the book?

I’m sure there are some technical things you will understand better. The second part is also interesting regarding the social media addiction in particular and what we can do about it.

Why is the book different from the others talking about this topic?

It’s a short and concise book. It goes straight to the point about many topics. It also provides concrete solutions to implement in your daily life. It’s solution oriented and rises key questions about our general usage of the Web.