Through this book I intend to share the story of the Internet. I have spent the last 15 years creating websites and I have been fascinated by the Web for as long as I can remember. It reduces the gap between ideas and creation. Bringing all the knowledge and tools at your fingertips.

With great power comes great responsibility. But, truth be told, with great power also come big corporations. The Internet has been captured and locked down. And this, my friend, is forever done. It's time to understand how the Internet works. What are its core components and why is everything you are using free? Free things often come at a price. We simply don't see it yet but we have accepted a loan without giving it too much thought. We unconsciously surrender to every notification and binge on dopamine shots. We think we are living a joyful fantasy, when in reality we don't even realise how much technology has changed us and how much the Internet is still shaping our human spirit.

We can no longer avoid the question: is the Web dangerous? What are the risks? What can I do to take control? What do they know about me? How is it impacting me? This book is an attempt to clear things out. It's also a response to people I love who are desperately asking for help. Family, friends, coworkers: all of them are asking me profound questions about technology.

I am fed up with sensational books that paint a dark vision of the future since they don’t provide any real solutions and prefer blaming others to educating readers. The New Dope is about consumer education. About you, me, us, trying to navigate through this technological world while keeping our vivid souls.

You can learn more about the story of the book on Medium.

This is what to expect from the book:

Part 1

Chapter 1 - How the Internet works

We will go over the technical side of the Internet. We will focus on things you are using on a daily basis like WiFi, browsers, Websites, and social apps. We will also bring some light to what cookies, servers, clients, requests, responses, machine learning and other everyday technologies really are.

Chapter 2: How to manage your digital footprint

The whole point of this chapter is to explore some practical ways to use the Web more safely. You will learn some Internet browsing tips that you will be able to apply on both your desktop and phone (whether iOS or Android) as well as some security concepts to help you make a conscious use of the Internet.

Part 2

Chapter 1: How does your brain work

After figuring out the technical side of the Internet, it's vital to connect this knowledge with the brain. In order to do this, we also have to understand some key aspects of our brain. What are the components of our metabolism? What can make us react in a certain way? How does this process happen?

Chapter 2: How to change your behaviours

Finally, this book will take you through what can you do everyday to adapt your behaviour and take control of your life once you have decided how you want to live it. You will observe and learn from your own behaviours and understand their impact on the world. Technology has changed us. We need to choose what what we want to accept and what we do not.


Special mentions

I want to thank all the fantastic people who helped me in the process of writing this book. They were kind enough to revise the different drafts and gave me feedback and suggestions. You've all contributed in your own way, so thank you for making this happen:

Sarah Chehboune
Reda Chehboune
Victor Goutay
Christy Valette
Alexandre Dulau
Sabrina Forte

Content: Damián Le Nouaille Diez
Proofreading: Antonio Silva Melón
Cover: Sarah Chehboune (


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